Community Mappers


Community Mappers is a team of experienced survey and spatial data collectors in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide high-quality data collection services, while creating jobs and learning opportunities for young people, especially young women.

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Kibera, thought to be the largest slum in Africa and among the five largest slums in the world, is composed of dozens of villages and upwards of one million residents. While residents struggle with lack of water and sanitation facilities, regular flooding, threats of evictions, and other challenges, the community also has strong local leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and creative young people.

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Nicera Wanjiru K, Founder


Community Mappers grew out of an organic initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic to monitor and address severe and dynamic community needs. The founder, Nicera Wanjiru K, has more than a decade of community organising, data collection, and training experience with Slum Dwellers International (SDI) - Kenya.

Community Mappers receives in-kind support from several generous researchers and practioners, including Steven Ramage, Dana R. Thomson, Killion Nyambuga, Monika Kuffer, and others! We also fundraise for community-based research projects and provide high-quality data collection services in Nairobi's poorest communities. We also have experience engaging communities and conducting research in other cities in Kenya.