A research project by data scientists in Europe who hired and engaged Community Mappers to classify satellite images to be able to model deprived area across Nairobi.

Trash study

A research project envisaged, planned, and implemented by multiple communities across Nairobi to document trash accumulation and find solutions. The data collected has since been used by data scientists to model trash pile locations across the city.

Impact of COVID-19 on Young Women in Informal Settlements

A collaboration with YADEN East Africa to understand vulnerabilities of young women during COVID, and to rally support for them. To further support young women in Nairobi slums, Community Mappers has an ongoing project to provide young women with sanitary napkins to ensure their dignity and continuation of studies, work, and wellbeing.

Kibera Food Security and COVID-19 Needs Assessment Survey

A food and general needs assessment design and conducted by Community Mappers. This study evolved into a sustained monthly food distribution program.